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LED Screen DigiVehicles
Video Advertising
LED Screen DigiVehicles
Video Advertising

PinPoint Media TV offers you the ability to captivate your target audience with spectacular and memorable content on a gigantic and super-bright LED display. Our DigiVehicles are mobile media hubs giving you the advertising edge over your competitors, with pinpoint accuracy.

Your Ad, Where You Want It

Our DigiVehicles can be placed right in front of your target audience


Blackpool Tower

Strategic Partner

Pedestrian Walkway

North Fylde – Amounderness Way

Traffic: 30k Vehicles Per Day

Metropole Hotel

Blackpool Council


Illuminations Traffic

Oxford Square

Marton Institute

Traffic: 60k+ per day

Preston New Road



Traffic: 40k+ per day

St. Annes

Heyhouses Lane


Busiest route between Blackpool & St Annes

Singleton Lights

Private Strategic Partner


Traffic: 40k+ per day

Fleetwood Town FC

Strategic Partner

Poolfoot Farm

Strategic Partner

Our unique mix of strategic partners & hotspots ensure that our DigiVehicle delivers your advert to your target audience