The DigiVehicles can offer an additional revenue stream to the event host. With our software we have the ability to deliver engaging advertisements from local businesses, partners and sponsors, whilst enhancing the event experience to captivate your audience.

Use our DigiVehicle for events such as:


Concerts & festivals.

Video production.

Bars & restaurants.

Conferences & exhibitions.

Council & public events.


Our DigiVehicle is often be the main visual point within the venue and can be used throughout the event for graphics, videos and live camera feeds. The DigiVehicles have become the one stop shop for mobile and commercial advertising.

Often when working with PinPoint Commercial we can supply the DigiVehicle at no additional cost*.

How it works.

PinPoint Media will agree a proposal with the event host/organiser.

We then supply the event with a contract based on the agreements within the proposal.

PinPoint Media will instruct our sales department to commence sales on the event using live data. Where relevant PinPoint Media will contact the referral / suppliers list provided to sell advertising and branding packages across the event.

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