PinPoint Media work with business across the UK to provide them with a service for an event.

Utilise PinPoint Media for:


Concerts & festivals.

Video production.

Bars & restaurants.

Conferences & exhibitions.

Council & public events.


PinPoint Media provide the space for advertisements throughout the event. If you are looking to turn heads or make an instant impact on our LED screens, then captivate and engage with your target audience at high profile events.

When choosing to advertise your businesses through PinPoint Media, you will benefit from an allocated Graphic Designer to produce unique and memorable content with impactful graphics, animation and video content to engage with your customers.

Additionally, you will be provided with an Account Manager to ensure the professional delivery of your business.

PinPoint TV

Our PinPoint TV Systems can turn your current TV systems into revenue streams for your organisation. From Leisure Centres, hotels, football club and hospitals our state of the art software allows us to control content over our secure network to TV screen all over the world.

Step by step process.

  1. Speak with our Sales Department to find out the events near you
  2. Confirm your booking
  3. Receive an introductory call with your allocated account manager
  4. Deposit received
  5. Deliverables confirmed
  6. Graphics obtained from advertiser
  7. 1st draft advert created by PinPoint Media design team
  8. Amendments requested by client completed (you are able to make unlimited amendments to your initial 1st draft at no extra cost)
  9. Authorisation obtained from advertiser for use
  10. Feedback

If you would like to enquire about advertising at an event, contact us for a no obligation chat.

We have experience in advertising a small family run business to multimillion-pound organisations so we will be able to discuss your best options with you.

Request a quote from us

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